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A Country Singer, a Pop Star and Two Heavy Metal Bands

Wotcha! With last week’s announcement of the Athletic Brewing and Walker Hayes collaboration, and a KittiePIG Saskaberry Blonde glaring at me every time I open the fridge , all that was left was to pull out a De Soi Sparkling Aperitif and voila, we have ourselves a ModSub music edition.

We’ve got country, heavy metal and pop music. Buckle up and let’s get into this. 🤟🏼

In this week’s edition: 

  • 📰 NAN - Nonalcoholic News my Nan would approve of!

  • 🍺 BEER: KittiePIG - Saskaberry Blonde

  • 🍺 BEER: Athletic Brewing - Fancy Like

  • 🍹 COCKTAIL: De Soi - Très Rosé

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Nonalcoholic News my Nan would approve of!

  • 🍷 WINE: Italy’s ARGEA wine group showcased the release of Anthology, a collection of 8 nonalcoholic Italian wines at this week’s Vinitaly in Verona. (link)

  • 🍹 COCKTAIL: The award-winning line of THC/CBD infused botanical RTD cocktails from Fable will be available nationwide starting … now! (link)

  • 🍺 BEER: It wouldn’t be NAN if we didn’t include a new beer from Uncool Brewing. This week its Blueberry Glazed Donut. I don’t know how they do it! (link)

  • 🍋 BITTERS: You’d better hurry over to All The Bitter before they sell out of their new, limited release, Meyer Lemon Verbena Bitters. (link)

  • 🍺 BEER-ISH: General Admission is a new hybrid NA beer and fruit seltzer from The Boston Beer Company. (link)


In each edition of The Modern Substitute, ON THE BAR focuses on three drinks you should be on the look out for. We’ll give you a quick rundown of our thoughts on the drink, who makes it, where to buy it or, in the case of mocktails, how to make it.

Please note: due to popularity or limited runs, some drinks may be out of stock - please check with the beverage companies for updates.

NA Beer


  • Calgary, Canada

  • Calories: 40

  • Sugar: Unknown

  • Serving: 16 fl.oz.

  • ABV: 0.5%

  • Buy: • look for Saskaberry Blonde at your favorite bottle shop and local music venues

  • Price: $14.00 (4-pack)

The ModSub thoughts: Perhaps the most unexpected entry into the nonalcoholic beer market this year is from heavy metal bands Kittie and We Are PIGS. It's the brainchild of Grammy-featured producer Esjay Jones, lead singer of We Are PIGS, and Morgan Lander, frontwoman for the all-female band Kittie.

The two bands collaborated on a single a couple of years ago, and the singers discovered they were both starting to be sober curious.

"After 25 years of going hard on and off the road, we had to change our relationship with alcohol and couldn't find NA options that screamed 'us'," said Esjay.

The result is KittiePIG and their first beer, Saskaberry Blonde—a super refreshing blonde ale that’s light, crisp, and delivers a burst of Saskatoon berry flavor right from the can to your taste buds, leaving you with a lovely malty aftertaste and a flicker of bitterness. The Saskatoon berry, a nod to the bands’ Canadian roots, provides a blueberry-like sweetness rounded out by a hint of almond.

While the idea for the beer was to satiate their mutual sober curiosity, they also saw KittiePIG as something they could offer to their audience, providing a nonalcoholic option at shows and music festivals.

As Esjay explained, "We have been reaching out to almost every rock/metal bar and venue around the country to send samples of our NA brew—'brewed with blood, spit, and tears.' The response has been extremely positive, and we have partnered with AIRGOODS for wholesale."

"All Headbang. No Hangover." Now that’s something I can get behind.

How does KittiePIG describe their Saskaberry Blonde: KittiePIG is the brand's first offering — a non-alcoholic blonde ale crafted for rock and metal fans who desire all the fun — minus the buzz. The product is responsibility sourced and sustainability prioritized. It's sourced from breweries that care about the environment. KittiePIG not only looks fierce, but it pairs beautifully with festival foods including burgers, chips, tacos, ice cream, headbanging and heavy music! KittiePIG is vegan and women-and-LGBTQ+ owned and operated!

Learn more about Kittie at

NA Beer


  • Milford, CT

  • Calories: 60

  • Sugar: Unknown

  • Serving: 12 fl.oz.

  • ABV: 0.5%

  • Buy: athleticbrewing.comstore locator • expected to be widely availble online in the next few months

  • Price: $14.99

The ModSub thoughts: Whenever I switch on a country radio station, which admittedly isn’t that often, it seems like every second song involves some kind of situation involving booze. During two 45-minute drives yesterday, I mostly heard sad or regretful songs that included references to whiskey, beer, wine, tequila, and vodka. This isn't a new phenomenon, of course; for many decades, country music has been littered with references to alcohol, but it is a genre that seems to have more than its fair share of songs on the matter.

So it was refreshing to hear last week's news that country star Walker Hayes has teamed up with Athletic Brewing to release a new pale ale, "Fancy Like." The two had collaborated previously after Hayes posted on social media that he was lugging around a fridge full of AB beer on tour. Once the brewery caught wind of this, they stepped up to sponsor his 2023 Duck Buck tour. Collaborating on "Fancy Like," the beer—not the hit song—seemed like a natural next step.

"Fancy Like," the beer, is an American pale ale with a balanced bready maltiness and a clean crispness that’s likely to make it a big hit this summer. All in all, it reminds me of a robust European lager—far more sophisticated than your typical domestic lagers but a thirst-quenching banger all the same. I would imagine with the strong distribution channels the brewery now possesses, those AB drinkers who favor "Upside Dawn Golden" will get their heads turned by "Fancy Like."

As I was writing this piece, I’ve been listening to a lot of interviews with Walker Hayes this week. His honest and frank vulnerability in recounting how and why he walked away from alcohol is to be applauded. Moreover, his very public stance on not drinking is a brave position in an industry that strongly romanticizes the very thing he has decided to turn his back on. Impressive, just like the beer.

How does Athletic Brewing describe Fancy Like: Brewed in collaboration with country singer-songwriter Walker Hayes, Fancy Like is a classic American Pale for easy drinkin’ and simple livin’. It’s clean, crisp, and as traditional as they come; what you’d call an all-American brew, crafted for good times with good people - wherever that may be.

Learn more about Athletic Brewing at

NA Cocktail


  • Los Angeles, CA

  • Calories: 20 per serving

  • Sugar: 4g

  • Serving: 8 fl.oz. (1.5 servings per can)

  • ABV: 0%

  • Buy: drinkdesoi.comstore locator • widely available online

  • Price: $20

The ModSub thoughts: What do you get when you pair superstar Katy Perry and master distiller Morgan McLachlan? De Soi aperitifs, that's what. Together, they launched their line of bottled and canned non-alcoholic drinks during Dry January 2022.

The collaboration unsurprisingly garnered a lot of attention, and with subsequent investments helping to expand distribution, De Soi quickly positioned itself at the forefront of the non-alcoholic RTD cocktail market.

They hit the ground running with a trio of drinks: Golden Hour, Purple Lune, and Champignon Dreams, followed by Très Rosé early in 2023. All of De Soi’s drinks contain adaptogens, blending various botanicals with the goal of helping you relax in much the same way the initial calming effects of alcohol do. There’s no getting buzzed, just a softening of the edges. Très Rosé contains lion’s mane, saffron, and L-theanine, all of which contribute to calming and elevating your mood.

Unsurprisingly, the drink is heavily rosé-inspired. However, there’s more to this cocktail than just sparkling wine in a can. The tart raspberries lend it some bite and the floral notes swirl together with a faint hint of vinegar, elevating it far beyond a run-of-the-mill rosé to something that truly stands out from the crowd.

Très Rosé is ultimately a variation on a theme—an interpretation, a remix, and a tasty one at that.

How does De Soi describe Très Rosé: Très Rosé is a bold and balanced sip bursting with notes of tart raspberry and soft, earthy rooibos. Crisp and refreshing, Très Rosé is created with adaptogens, such as lion’s mane and saffron, that support a mood-boosting buzz without the booze.

Learn more about De Soi at

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Cheers! See you next week!

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